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Enterprise Recruiting



Recruiting for larger, managed programs and multiple locations takes dedicated teams of recruiters and high-performing suppliers to meet the demand. We’ve been there – we manage big programs, so we know the value of a good staffing supply chain. Because of this, Navik’s approach is different for large MSP, VMS and corporate accounts where we are part of a supply chain. We don’t rely on our outlying branch offices or other parts of our business. Navik’s enterprise recruiting team is dedicated being a top performing supplier for high-volume, re-occurring positions, or hard-to-find specialty positions. We are the kind of supplier we like to have in our programs.


We know the difference a dedicated delivery team makes. We don’t rely on branch offices. Our recruiting teams can scale up and scale down as needed to meet the needs of our customers. And, as a good partner, we provide dedicated account representatives to manage the relationship.

Navik's recruiting teams providing service across the US and beyond. Tap into Enterprise Recruiting done right.

- Dedicated – An approach that ensures your requirements take priority.

- Knowledgeable Recruiting Management – Not just transactional, guns for hire. We have proactive experts implementing best practices and the latest recruiting techniques.

- Scalable – Through our service hubs we can scale up and down as needed to meet fluctuating demands.

- STEM Focus – Navik's heritage in recruiting is in technology and the sciences. We bring that expertise to enterprise recruiting. We can recruit in many different areas, but many companies rely on us for technical positions other suppliers can’t supply.

- KPIs and Metrics – We work well with others and against others. Our goal is to be your #1 supplier and we welcome key performance indicators and metrics that show how we are doing.